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Welcome to Minereum V2. We will distribute free Genesis Addresses to anyone who wants to participate. Simply submit your ethereum address, it will receive a minereum Genesis Address with 32,000 MNE when Minereum V2 is launched. Genesis Addresses self-mine aproximately 1.84 MNE per day. You can submit as many addresses as you want. The submission will be active until a to be defined date, we will inform on this page some time prior to closing it. All claimed addresses are public and visible below.

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>Batch 1< >Batch 2< >Batch 3< >Batch 4< >Batch 5< >Batch 6<

All addresses are occasionally archived into batches (see above).

If your address is not in the table below make sure you check the batches.

All addresses from all batches will be distributed when Minereum V2 is launched.

Latest 10 Genesis AddressesTimestamp UTC
0x64Dbd6d9F3F0BAD19D72384149b69844ef823b031/18/2020 6:31:34 PM
0x11d34d11b15980544Aa735F8Ee5C3dFa5f52A5621/18/2020 6:31:26 PM
0xf8e2Ed1E3a2bAe9a58ae763a3c9fFf64B340920B1/18/2020 6:31:22 PM
0xd820720ACC381751D52197B8F475cA12C9D244941/18/2020 6:31:20 PM
0xB9132A21A7bc68e5E3384Ff8b9a61D1f361C0b071/18/2020 6:31:17 PM
0x7E3Ab272104E4c048607003C85C931c7C37399301/18/2020 6:31:10 PM
0x085995462C51b7540DC73b599f82D15a46961C961/18/2020 6:31:09 PM
0xC2ff1e8844E4AC1FC9225f5DAb42bbD70fCcfF681/18/2020 6:31:08 PM
0x68b70A4C77377540F9377aaE29E7BDEC92369A7c1/18/2020 6:31:07 PM
0xBC591cB7Bb5676208A467c520826e590C1d7A9ee1/18/2020 6:31:03 PM
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